This is what we did for field day 2003 at W3YI.

We first went to the rural area of Pennsylvania.

We had to get the wires up for the HF antenna

Have to get into the room with the HF rig.

The rest of the gang starts to show up.

Now it is to the roof to put up the 2m antenna. 

We have to find just the right spot for it

We get the J-Pole up.

A line up of the suspects. 

Now that is a beautiful site, to see, the J-Pole up there with the dome of the observatory.

Well what is next.

Now lets get power to the 2m radio, the HF already has power.

It's not pretty but hay it works.  ( this power supply was meant for a radio with 6 plugs, we had to short out 2 of the plugs to get it to power up. then we had to lead one hot and one negative to the radio. )

We may not have gotten any one on 2m simplex but at lest we tried.

Now for some food.

here are a few other pics from the W3YI field day, up in the Lural Mountains.

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